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Investing in Your Health: Understanding GP Consult Private Fees

Your health is a priceless asset, and at Health Hub Springfield, we prioritise offering top-tier medical services to cater to your unique needs. As we work towards providing exemplary care, it’s crucial for our patients to understand our private fee structure for GP consultations.

Why Private Fees?

Quality of Care: Private fees enable us to maintain the high standard of care our patients have come to expect from Osler’s Medical. These funds support our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced medical equipment, and ongoing professional training for our medical staff.

Extended Consultation Times: We believe in quality over quantity. Our fee structure allows our GPs to spend more time with each patient, ensuring a thorough assessment and personalised care.

Support Services: The fees contribute to offering a wide range of support services, including nursing support, administrative processes, and patient care coordination.

Consult Fee Structure

Note: The following are indicative fees and may vary based on specific services and individual doctor preferences.

    Consult Type Fees (Regular) Fees (Discount) Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket (Regular) Out-of-Pocket (Discount)
    New Patients (25 to 40 minutes) $175 $140 $79.70 $95.30 $60.30
    Standard Consultation (Up to 20 minutes) $102 $80 $41.20 $60.80 $38.80
    Standard Plus (Between 20-25 minutes) $140 $115 $79.70 $60.30 $35.30
    Long Consultation (25 – 40 minutes) $175 $140 $79.70 $95.30 $60.30
    Prolonged (Greater than 40 minutes) $247 $195 $117.40 $129.60 $77.60
    GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (Up to 40 minutes) $175 $140 $99.70 $75.30 $40.30
    Review of GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (Up to 40 minutes) $175 $140 $78.55 $96.45 $61.45
    Chronic Disease Management Plan (Up to 40 minutes) $340 $330 $283.20 $56.80 $46.80
    Review of Chronic Disease Management Plan (Up to 40 minutes) $105 $100 $78.90 $26.10 $21.10
    Iron Infusion (Up to 1 hour) $345 $310 $79.70 $265.30 $230.30
    Insertion of Mirena or Copper IUD (Up to 1 hour) $345 $315 $199.99 $225.01 $195.01

    Treatment Room and Consumable Fees Applies.


      The table now includes all the fee information from the link provided, including regular and discount fees, Medicare rebates, and out-of-pocket costs for various consultation types.

      Medicare Rebates

      Patients with a valid Medicare card can claim a rebate for part of the consultation fee. The rebate amount varies based on the service provided. Our administrative team can guide you through the rebate process.

      Payment Options

      We accept various payment methods, including cash, card (VISA, MasterCard), and EFTPOS. Payment is expected on the day of the consultation.

      At Osler’s Medical, we’re committed to transparency and ensuring our patients are well-informed. Your health deserves the best, and while quality care comes at a cost, we believe it’s a worthy investment in your well-being and peace of mind.

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