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Diabetic Educator

Marlo Sivier

Credentialled Diabetes Educator

“Marlo is a dedicated and compassionate Credentialled Diabetes Educator providing individual and small group education support for effective diabetes management.

Marlo’s expertise lies in translating complex medical information into easily digestible, practical knowledge and skills to confidently self-manage diabetes. Marlo provides the tools and resources to easily monitor and self-manage blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of diabetes complications and improving feelings of health and wellbeing.

Marlo has spent years helping people from all walks of life and ages live with diabetes. She has worked across regional and remote areas of Queensland and New South Wales, returning home to Brisbane to stay.”


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Mastering Diabetes Management: The Role of Diabetic Educators at Health Hub Springfield.


Diabetes, a chronic condition that affects millions globally, requires consistent management and understanding. Diabetic Educators are the guiding light in this journey, empowering patients with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy life. At Health Hub Springfield, our dedicated Diabetic Educators are committed to helping individuals navigate the intricacies of diabetes with confidence.

Scope of Services:

Diabetes Education:

Comprehensive sessions to help patients understand diabetes types, causes, and long-term implications.

Self-management Training:

Empowering individuals with tools and techniques to monitor blood sugar levels, understand medication regimens, and address hypo/hyperglycemic episodes.

Dietary and Nutritional Counseling:

Tailored advice on meal planning, carbohydrate counting, and making informed food choices to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Insulin Management:

Guidance on insulin types, injection techniques, pump usage, and ensuring optimal insulin storage.

Foot Care Education:

Essential tips and checks to prevent diabetic foot complications.

Exercise and Activity Planning:

Creating individualized activity plans that cater to one’s fitness level and help in blood sugar regulation.

Why Choose Diabetic Educators at Health Hub Springfield. 

Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises certified diabetic educators with profound knowledge and experience in diabetes care.

Individualized Approach: Recognizing that every diabetic patient is unique, we tailor our education and advice to each individual’s needs and challenges.

Latest Research & Trends: Stay updated with the newest diabetes management techniques, technologies, and research findings.

Collaborative Care: Our diabetic educators work closely with endocrinologists, dieticians, and other healthcare professionals to ensure holistic diabetes care.


Managing diabetes is an ongoing journey. With the right guidance, knowledge, and skills, it’s a journey that can be navigated with resilience and optimism.

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