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45-49 Health Heart Check

Osler’s Medical Insight: 45-49 Heart Health Check

Introduction to Heart Health Check

In light of a growing awareness of the widespread prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), a new heart health assessment has been introduced to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) to ensure a more comprehensive examination of heart health risks. This comes as a progressive move aimed at early identification and appropriate intervention.

What’s New in Heart Health Check?

From 1 April 2019:

MBS Items 699 & 177: These items, often termed ‘heart health check’ items, were added to the MBS. They facilitate a comprehensive 20-minute heart health assessment once every 12 months.

What It Covers: The assessment includes collecting relevant patient history, physical examination, interventions (as necessary), and the formulation of a comprehensive management plan.

Risk Calculation: A pivotal aspect of this health check is the determination of the patient’s absolute CVD risk, ideally using the Australian absolute cardiovascular disease risk calculator.

Why This Change?

The addition of these items aims to fill a gap in the healthcare provision:

Focus on Heart Disease: The Australian government is ramping up efforts in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

Fill the Age Gap: Existing health assessments often bypass individuals aged 50-74, thereby missing a crucial age group at risk for CVD.

Future Potential: According to the Heart Foundation’s modelling, this initiative could potentially prevent up to 42 heart events daily in the upcoming five years.

What To Expect in a Heart Health Check at Osler’s Medical?

A thorough heart health check will comprise:

Gathering detailed patient history to identify CVD risk factors.

Physical examination, with special emphasis on recording blood pressure.

Relevant interventions and specialist referrals.

A well-detailed management plan.

Comprehensive health advice on lifestyle modifications.

All patients will undergo an absolute CVD risk assessment.

Who Is Eligible?

The new heart health check targets individuals previously not diagnosed with CVD. This includes:

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people aged 30 and above.

Other Australians aged 45 and above.

Note: The health check can only be claimed once per patient in a 12-month span, provided they haven’t claimed another health assessment service in the same period.

Further Health Assessments

While the 45-49 heart health check is pivotal, there exist other time-based health assessments, catering to specific demographics, such as individuals at high risk for type 2 diabetes, aged 75 and older, permanent residents of aged care facilities, individuals with intellectual disabilities, refugees, and more.

Osler’s Dedication to Comprehensive Care

At Osler’s Medical, we understand the intricacies of heart health. Entrust us with your care, and we assure a holistic, detailed, and compassionate approach to your cardiovascular health, keeping your well-being at the center of it all.

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