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Infusion Clinic

Iron Infusion

Embracing Comprehensive Care: Infusion Clinic at Health Hub Springfield.


Modern medicine’s advances have allowed for a range of treatment modalities that go beyond oral medications. Infusion therapy, where medications are administered directly into the bloodstream, ensures faster and more effective delivery for specific conditions.

Our Infusion Clinic is dedicated to providing these specialised treatments in a comfortable and safe environment.

Core Offerings at the Infusion Clinic:

Iron Infusion:

Purpose: To treat iron-deficiency anemia when oral iron supplements are ineffective or cause side effects.

Benefits: Rapid increase in iron levels, reduced fatigue, and enhanced overall wellbeing.

Zoledronic Acid Infusion:

Purpose: Used primarily to treat osteoporosis and certain types of bone metastases.

Benefits: Helps strengthen bones, reduces the risk of fractures, and can decrease pain from certain bone conditions.

B12 Injection:

Purpose: To address vitamin B12 deficiencies, which can be due to diet, certain medical conditions, or medications.

Benefits: Improves nerve function, boosts energy levels, and supports overall cellular function.

Vitamin D Injection:

Purpose: To treat severe vitamin D deficiencies, especially when oral supplements are not effective or practical.

Benefits: Supports bone health, immune function, and mood regulation.

Why Choose Health Hub Springfield ?

Expertise: Our medical professionals are well-trained in the specific requirements of infusion therapy.

Comfort: Our facility is designed to make the infusion process as pleasant as possible, offering a serene environment and comfortable chairs.

Safety: With state-of-the-art equipment and stringent safety protocols, patients can be assured of the highest standards of care.


Infusion therapy at Health Hub Springfield is more than just treatment—it’s a commitment to the patient’s holistic well-being. Whether it’s rebalancing vital vitamins or fortifying bone health, our Infusion Clinic ensures that every individual receives personalised, attentive care.

Taking the Next Step in Holistic Health at Health Hub Springfield. 

When oral treatments aren’t enough, or a more direct approach is required, trust Health Hub Springfield  Infusion Clinic to provide the advanced care you need.

Same Day Appointments Available