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Plaster/Fibreglass Cast

Plaster Cast vs. Fiberglass Cast: Which is Right for You?


Bone fractures are common injuries that require stabilization to promote healing. Plaster and fiberglass casts are the primary tools used by medical professionals to immobilize broken bones and aid recovery. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. This guide will help you understand the differences and applications of both materials.

Plaster Cast:

What is it?

Plaster casts are made from a white powdery substance called plaster of Paris. When mixed with water, it becomes a soft paste that hardens over time, providing a firm yet slightly flexible structure.

When is it used?

Plaster casts are used primarily for fractures that require a snug fit and precise molding, especially in the early stages of swelling.


  • Excellent moldability allows for a more exact fit
  • Generally less expensive than fiberglass casts
  • Porous nature can be cooler on the skin


  • Heavier than fiberglass
  • Less durable and can break down if frequently wet
  • Requires more care to keep dry

Fiberglass Cast:

What is it?

Fiberglass casts are made from woven glass fibers and come in various colors. When combined with resin, the material becomes hard and rigid, offering strong support.

When is it used?

Fiberglass casts are commonly used for fractures that don’t require as much molding, or when a lightweight and more durable solution is preferred.


  • Lighter than plaster casts
  • More breathable, reducing skin irritation
  • Water-resistant and more durable
  • Available in a range of colors, which can be appealing, especially to children


  • Less moldable compared to plaster
  • Generally more expensive
  • Some people may be allergic to the material

Making the Choice:

The decision between plaster and fiberglass largely depends on the location and type of fracture, patient preference, cost, and the treating physician’s recommendation. While plaster provides better molding, fiberglass offers durability and a lighter weight. It’s essential to discuss the best option for your specific needs with your healthcare provider.

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